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Kentucky's Stonehenge is a bit of ancient society in the small town of Munfordville, KY.

It is the creation of Munfordville native, Chester Fryer. After scouring over 1000 acres of nearby Hatcher Valley Chester, relocated nearly every large rock he could find in order to create his masterpiece.

All of Chester's rock creations are on display on the grounds of his Munfordville estate. In addition to displays resembling the world famous Stonehenge, the estate is divided into several other rock displays including: Earth Mysteries, The Garden of Gethsemane, Rock Gardens, and Rock Park.

A photographic tour of each of these displays can be found by using the links to the left.

For more information contact the Munfordville Tourism Commission at 270.524.4752 or visit their website at


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  Kentucky's Stonehenge